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  • No pornography. Nude images are strictly forbidden, let's make this place sexy and classy at the same time.
  • One person can only own one account. We do not allow multiple profiles per user.
  • Use short and descriptive titles when creating a duel.
  • Try to make the duels you create as exciting as you can to collect as much funds as possible.
  • Duel photos must be unique for every duel. Before creating new one, make sure that the pictures you are going to use are not already on Sexy Duels. Duels with duplicated images will be deleted.
  • The two photos in a duel must have something in common but they also must be very different in some way, it won't be fun to compare two identical images or ones that have nothing to do with each other.
  • Strive to give additional information about the persons on the photos you use - Instagram/Facebook/Twitter profile, website or other. If not possible - try to give short and descriptive additional information in the "More info" field.
  • Always try to name your pictures with the real names of the models on them. If not possible - try to give it a short and descriptive title.
  • Try to give the photos you use in duels proper tags, you can give as much as 4 tags per image. Inaccurate tagging may result in unapproved duel.
  • For good examples how a duel must look like please check out some of already approved duels.
  • No violence, gory and harmful content. Don’t post or comment with violent, gory content or content that encourages others to do things that might cause them to get hurt or to commit specific acts of violence.
  • No hate speech and bullying. Do not use any kind of offensive or aggressive language in the comments, violators will be banned.
  • Spamming of any kind is strictly forbidden.
  • No deceptive content. Don’t spread wrong information. Deceptive content, comment and account may get removed depending on their severity.
  • Using personal messages to disturb or harass other users will result in permanent ban.
  • No personal and confidential information. To protect the safety of private individuals, anything that reveals other people’s personally identifiable information is not allowed.
  • No illegal activities. Content depicting or advocating illegal activity will not be tolerated. Such acts may be reported to law enforcement and users committed these acts may be permanently banned from Sexy Duels.
  • No impersonation. You may not impersonate others (person, group or brand) on Sexy Duels in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others.
  • No copyright and trademark infringement. Respect originality and creativity. Give credit where credit is due. We reserve the right to reclaim usernames on behalf of businesses or individuals that hold legal claim or trademark on those usernames. Accounts using business names and/or logos to mislead others may be permanently banned.
  • When you use Sexy Duels you agree with our Rules and Terms of Service.
  • Please enjoy the game and have fun ;)