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Sexy Duels is an original and entertaining charitable game of beauty. Here beautiful and sexy women play in exciting face to face partnerships called duels to collect funds for social causes. The Duels are the individual face-to-face mini-competitions lasting for 12 days, at the end of which the photo with more collected votes win.

There are different types of participants in the game depending on their actions in the game. For example – you can create a duel between two celebrities to see who is going to win, or you can compare two styles of sexy outfit to find out which one is trending more.

You yourself can be a contestant – if you are a brave girl you are able to play in a duel with a friend or other person of your choice. Promote your name, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profile or something else. Sexy Duels have a huge audience and we make our contestants popular and empower them to have a real positive social impact.

You can also just support the beauties you like more - your voice matters. Remember - for every vote you give or collect, we donate money to social causes - helping people and animals in need. So while you are playing and having fun you also make a social contribution. No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

There are different kinds of user ranks in the game that give users different types of privileges. One user can have multiple ranks but only the highest one is displayed.

  • User ranks:
  • User - the default user rank, has 20 votes per day
  • Honorary Member - users registered early during our beta period, has 30 votes per day, lifetime rank
  • Premium User - user that has given more than 100 votes from the beginning of the month - 40 votes per day
  • Contributor - user that has created 5 or more duels - 50 votes per day, lifetime rank

Sexy Duels is a socially engaged entertaining service which aims to add additional entertaining value and utilization to certain types of new or already generated web content. The game is focused on the main purpose to be socially beneficial, as opposed to the traditional beauty contests and competitions which use the social and charity elements only for PR purposes and have very little or no social impact at all.

We believe the success is measured not by how much you get, but by how much you give and we are donating money to charity for every vote. Together we can make a difference.